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Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday defined

I have decided that Monday is best defined as follows:

Negative thoughts abound
Damned if you do and damned if you dont, deadlines and despair
Anchored to the chair and/or desk (awesome friends too)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

17 and bag of chips

You know I think that in some cases teenagers should experience age 16 and instead of turning 17---go immediately to age 18---it saves time and anguish to this single mother.

Yes, I am the lucky mom to be blessed with the 17 year old son who is all that and a bag of chips. No longer is mom's advice needed as my man child knows it all. He is quick with offering his solutions to solving world hunger and the war in Iraq and his views on the upcoming presidential elections gives me nightmares; but the same almost man child has more than a little difficulty in keeping his room clean or remembering to take out the trash on Monday nights.

I shake my head trying to remember my daughter at 17 and the laughs we shared and I focus on the brooding man child standing in front of me and remember my mother saying I hope when you have children you have one just like you---I did I say--that was the daughter.

Then out of the blue, I am thrust into the past---I see my ex mother in law's face and remember when my ex-husband and I announced my pregnancy--I saw the glee and her desire that I was sure was the only thought of spoiling her new grandchild but even though that was part of it the other reason for her obvious glee was the hope that I have a child just like my ex-husband.

She wanted to pay him back for what he did to her---and now I am thinking ummm hello, he isn't and hasn't been around for years--could you tell me what the hell did I do to you?!?

The thoughts of high school graduation are coming faster and faster even though we just started the junior year and the countdown has started. Experienced mothers have told me this is just a phase and will pass. Except no one will tell me when it will pass and when the child that I know will reappear and not this creature that appeared the day he turned 17.